Block Magazine Issue 1: The Modest

by dufblog

We designed the identity for this new magazine that explores architecture in a wider cultural context. This is the first issue – we also do the editorial design.

The identity is a play between the assertive, orthogonal (but slightly skew) box and the fluid, writerly logotype within, with its optimistic – almost comical – upward slant. Together these elements were designed to be able to appear in various locations on the magazine’s cover as an overlay to a full bleed image. Within the box we tried to make the logotype arresting by making something that’s visually the antithesis of an onomatopoeia: hold on, that title does not look how it should!

Working on the project with editors Rob Wilson (ex-RIBA Gallery curator) and Ed Wilson was a great experience, partly because it’s unusual to get a brief that is print-based but as open-ended as this. The content we had to work with was interesting and incredibly varied but most importantly it was themed. All our editorial design needed was to do justice to an unusually thoughtful curation of content – to bring out the unexpected juxtapositions inherent in the editing.

It was also a good experience to think about print in a slightly different light: although Block is a magazine, it’s not intended as a throwaway at all. In many ways Block is also the epitome of the web – it is self-contained, its themes create beneficial boundaries, by nature it is highly selective.

Block Magazine Issue 1: The Modest; cover and spread