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Graphic design notes #3: Vectors

A question I get asked a lot when requesting logo files is “what format do you want it in?” often followed by “is a jpeg OK?”. I admit that jpeg files are very handy – compressed and easy to view for everybody – but what I really like is a vector file, an eps, with [...]

Graphic design notes #2: Lorem ipsum

I may not have an easy relationship with Lorum ipsum but, for better or worse, I cannot deny that it has been a long-term presence in my life. I first came across this piece of jumbled Latin text as a young child in the 1970s when my grandfather, who worked as a commercial artist, used [...]

Graphic design notes #1: Full stop. Double space

I must have removed millions of double spaces in my time. Graphic design often involves working with large amounts of copy – usually received in Word format – which is flowed into a design program and then reformatted. Part of this process involves a ‘find and change’ in order to remove the extra spaces. Removing [...]

Planning post-war London in Stalag Luft III

This is one of the posters painted by our maternal grandfather when he was a prisoner of war at Stalag Luft III in Sagan, Germany (now in Poland) during the second world war. The poster advertises a lecture in the camp’s theatre. The County of London Plan referred to is presumably Patrick Abercrombie and John Henry [...]

GraphicDesign& Literature – Page 1

Last night’s GraphicDesign& event at the Design Museum focused on graphic design and literature, and made use of a brilliant format for getting to the heart of some of the more nebulous aspects of graphic design. The two-part event was a sort of amalgamation of pecha kucha and speed dating, with 18 designers speaking for 2 [...]

Beauty in the Making

Chanced upon an excellent talk today by William Owen from Made by Many while at GF Smith/British Council et al’s Beauty in the Making event at Southampton Row. He spoke about the process of prototyping a news website for ITV news, and about how the development of a realtime product forged a strong influence over [...]

Richard Hollis at Gallery Libby Sellers

Caught the fantastic Richard Hollis exhibition at Gallery Libby Sellers just in time. Curated by Emily King with exhibition design by Simon Jones, the show is a comprehensive retrospective of the graphic designer’s work from the early 1960s to the present day. Included in displays are spec. sheets for typesetting and hand-drawn mock-ups for letterpress printers as well as printed [...]

Block Magazine Issue 2: Facade

The second issue of Block took the theme of ‘Facade’, exploring a term in architecture that has been largely usurped by the contemporary preference for ‘skin’ or ‘envelope’. In our graphic design we tried to echo some of the issue’s recurrent preoccupations. Issue 2 was launched in July 2011 at Work Gallery, London WC1. Block Magazine Issue 2: Facade; [...]

Block Magazine Issue 1: The Modest

We designed the identity for this new magazine that explores architecture in a wider cultural context. This is the first issue – we also do the editorial design. The identity is a play between the assertive, orthogonal (but slightly skew) box and the fluid, writerly logotype within, with its optimistic – almost comical – upward [...]