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Graphic design notes #2: Lorem ipsum

I may not have an easy relationship with Lorum ipsum but, for better or worse, I cannot deny that it has been a long-term presence in my life. I first came across this piece of jumbled Latin text as a young child in the 1970s when my grandfather, who worked as a commercial artist, used [...]

Graphic design notes #1: Full stop. Double space

I must have removed millions of double spaces in my time. Graphic design often involves working with large amounts of copy – usually received in Word format – which is flowed into a design program and then reformatted. Part of this process involves a ‘find and change’ in order to remove the extra spaces. Removing [...]

About Around and About

Around and About Stock Orchard Street, edited by Sarah Wigglesworth, designed by Duffy, (Routledge, 2011)  What was great about working on the design of this book was that the way it had been conceived by the author was anti-convention in publishing terms, which led to a series of illuminating brushes with the world of 21st Century [...]